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Quanzhou Neweco High Polymer Material Co., LTD., located in the famous east Asian cultural city of Quanzzhou city of fujian province, is one of the leading UPR(unsaturated polyester resin) suppliers in China, which is widely used in the fields of automobile, ship, rail transit, wind power, etc.Suitable for hand drawing, spraying, extrusion, winding, molding, vacuum introduction/RTM, casting and other molding processes.

Our company pursues excellence and focuses on the application of composite materials to provide customers with comprehensive solutions. As a global chemical technology enterprise, we provide a wide range of solutions to the world.NEWECO leads the national fine chemical industry in product varieties, production capacity, technology patents and market share.UPR(Unsaturated polyester resin) equipment in the world, phthalic anhydride device and crude benzene hydrogenation device in the domestic leading position.Domestic styrene production ranked in the top three.We have established OEM and directed process matching workshops to ensure product stability, unique performance and create competitive advantages for customers.Our products are exported to Europe and America, Middle East, southeast Asia and other markets.

We offer high performance, low price products.In addition, we also develop and supply the special synthesis and applied chemistry of the product formula.Good quality, reasonable price and good service! 




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We welcome new and old customers from all over the world to contact us for business negotiation and common development.