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Artificial Stone Resin For Marble Agate

Product Details

Artificial stone resin for marble agate

Performance index of liquid resin

 Product Data:

Appearance: Transparent yellow liquid

Viscosity(25°C): 0.65-1.2mPa s

Acid value:17-25 mgKOH/g

Solid content:66-72%

stability80℃:≥24 H

Gel time:7-11 MIN

Typical curing properties:25 ° C water bath, 100g resin plus 2ml methyl ethyl ketone peroxide solution and 4ml cobalt isooctanoate solution'

standard test:GB/T 7193-2008

Performance index of liquid resin




standard test


 resin casting body without defects

Pasteurian hardness


GB/T 3854

Tensile Strength60Mpa

GB/T  2567-2008

Tensile modulus of elasticity



GB/T  2567-2008

Elongation at break



GB/T  2567-2008

Bending strength



GB/T  2567-2008

Bending elastic modulus



GB/T  2567-2008

Heat distortion temperature


GB/T  1634-2004

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Our Services

 Unsaturated polyester resin has been bulk sold to worldwide and get about 98.5% highly good appraise . Maybe the reasons are as belows:

1. we have been wholesaling unsaturated polyester resin about 10 years ,professional and reliable 

2. A trur factory without middle operator to make the profit 

3. Experienced manufacture , with quality guaranteed and deadline respected.

4.No matter how your order is big or small ,VIP service will be granted u .


Sincerely , focused on wholesaling unsaturated polyester resin 10 years !


Q: I want to find the most suitable resin for my product.Can you make it customized?
A: Yes,as long as it is the needs of customers,we will do our best to satisfy,please contact our customer service,introduce your company's products and requirements,we first introduce or arrange to sample the most close to the parameters of the product,after you test we'll discuss the specific modification parameters. 


Q: What is your company's  transportation form?
A: Samples generally deliver by international express,a large number of goods can be transported by land or water. 


Q: How long is the delivery time? 
A: The products in our product list are basically in stock.If the customer needs to purchase the original specifications,it will be within 1-2 weeks.If you need to arrange special packing or change product parameters,we will also help you with the production and delivery as soon as possible. 


Q: Can I get a low price if I order a large quantity ? 
A: Sure,because of the raw material price floating is bigger,before purchasing,you need contract with our sales,according to your purchase quantity and request,we will give you the lowest price.  


Q: What's shelf life of the  unsaturated polyester resin 
 A: At least  3 months ,but if add accelerator , that is 50 days .

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