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Product Details

Artificial Stone Series Resin-artificial marble & onyx resin 7500AL


● Features:

Isophthalic artificial stone resin,good coloring,fast curing, small shrinkage,high strength, good toughness and weathering.


● Application:

Suitable for solid surface with high performance.


● Performance index of liquid unsaturated polyester resin:

PerformanceParameterUnitStandard test
Viscosity25℃0.50-0.60Pa.sGB/T 7193-2008
Solid content64-68%GB/T 7193-2008
Gel time4.5-7.5minGB/T 7193-2008

T-8M:0.9g , M-50:0.9g , 50g resin, test at 25 ° C.


● Resin Casting Properties of unsaturated polyester resin: 

PerformanceParameterUnitStandard test
Barcol hardness≥38GB/T 3854-2005
Heat deflection temperature≥67GB/T  1634-2004
Elongation at break≥4.5%GB/T  2567-2008
Tensile Strength≥60MpaGB/T  2567-2008
Tensile modulus


MpaGB/T  2567-2008
Flexural strength≥100MPaGB/T  2567-2008
Flexural modulus≥2900MPaGB/T  2567-2008


● Product Cases:


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