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Granite Composite Resin

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Artificial Stone Series Resin-granite resin 7520


● Features and Application:

7520 Lower viscosity, resin dosage can be reduced 4% to 8% ,high strength and good toughness after curing,excellent performance in all aspects, such as hardness and brightness,suitable for quarts stone and granite stone curing in middle temperature .


● Performance index of liquid unsaturated polyester resin - granite composite resin 7520 used for granite stone:

PerformanceParameterUnitStandard test
AppearanceTransparent yellowish viscous liquid--
Color≤80Pt-CoGB/T 7193.7-1992 
Acid value18-25mgKOH/gGB/T 2895-2008 
Viscosity25℃0.4-0.6Pa.sGB/T 7193-2008
Solid content60-66%GB/T 7193-2008
Stability,80℃≥24hGB/T 7193-2008
Gel time9-14minGB/T 7193-2008

Gel time test:25 ° C water bath, 50g resin plus 0.9g T-8M(Neweco ,1% Co) and 0.9g  M-50(Akzo-Nobel)


● Instruction:

1.7520 Resin without waxy,accelerator,thixotropic agent.

2.7520 Resin suitable for curing at medium temperature,medium temperature curing is more beneficial to production control and product performance.

3.Low viscosity, more economical resin, better performance


● Package:

7520 Quart Resin is pack with metal drum,net weight 220kg.we also can pack resin according on your request.



● Product Cases:


Granite Composite Resin


Granite Composite Resin

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