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Epoxy Building Sealant

Epoxy Building Sealant

Product Details

                                                    Epoxy resin

                                                                              Technical index

                                                                        Product Technical Index
UnitA GroupB  Group
Milky white viscous liquidRed brown transparent liquid
Viscosity(25℃)m pa·s

A Group: 2000-3000

B Group :0-100

Mixing ratio (Weight ratio)
Gel timeMIN15-25
Shelf life(25℃)MTH6

Note: Gel time: According to the mixing ratio of this product, 100 grams of the mixture is measured under a 40 ° C water bath

Operational norms

1. Blend epoxy resin

● Please stir the A glue evenly before adjusting the glue;

● When the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, or the operator thinks it necessary, the A glue should be properly heated to ensure that the epoxy glue has good performance, but the temperature of the A glue should not exceed 50 ℃;

● Please mix 2600AB strictly according to the ratio A: B = 4: 1 (weight ratio), and stir thoroughly;

● If there is any remaining epoxy glue after mixing, it is strictly prohibited to return to the original packaging;

● The 2600AB should be used immediately and used within 10 minutes. If the epoxy glue exceeds 10 minutes or is in a high-heat environment, the phenomenon of severe heat generation should be stopped immediately. The more the amount of glue adjustment, the higher the temperature, the shorter the usable time, and the longer it is; the one-time glue adjustment is too large, it should be used separately quickly;

● Do not mix the A and B plastic covers, please cover them at any time when not in use temporarily to avoid deterioration.

2. Cleaning

● Operation tools should be kept clean and free of obvious oil stains and moisture;

● Please clean the operating tools with alcohol before using the epoxy glue before curing.


1. There are many factors causing the unsatisfactory use of epoxy adhesive, please pay attention:

● Improper storage of epoxy adhesive, such as high temperature, rain, etc., causes the epoxy adhesive to deteriorate;

● A glue and B glue of different brands should not be mixed together;

● The glue is not adjusted according to the regulations;

● Leaving dead corners during mixing or insufficient mixing time leads to uneven mixing of epoxy glue;

● A and B two-component appliances are mixed, resulting in early curing reaction;

● After the epoxy glue is evenly mixed, it is not used up within the effective time.

2. The incompletely cured epoxy glue on the skin and clothes can be wiped clean with a cloth dipped in alcohol, and then washed with soapy water; if it enters the eyes accidentally, rinse with a lot of water, and then treat it immediately; Give plenty of egg whites or milk and consult a doctor immediately.

Storage conditions

Please store this product in a cool and dark place away from moisture. The shelf life is six months. Please try to use it within three months from the date of production. Do not use expired products.

For technical and business issues, please contact us, the company reserves the right to modify the information。

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