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Epoxy Stone Repair Glue

Epoxy Stone Repair Glue

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Operating specifications

● Mix 6610AB-5 strictly according to the ratio A: B = 4: 1 (mass ratio), and stir thoroughly;

● If there is any remaining epoxy glue after mixing, it is strictly prohibited to return to the original packaging;

● 6610AB-5 should be equipped for use now, and used up within the usable time. If the epoxy glue exceeds the usable time, stop using it immediately if there is heat. The more the amount of glue adjustment, the higher the temperature, the shorter the usable time, and the longer it is; the larger the amount of one-time glue adjustment should be used separately;

● Do not mix the lids of A and B components, please cover the lid at any time during use to avoid deterioration;

● Please clean the operating tools with special cleaning agent before the epoxy adhesive is not cured, and then use it.


● Epoxy glue should be stored in a cool, dark and water-proof environment. Improper storage will cause the glue to deteriorate;

● When the temperature in winter is extremely low, the product may appear crystalline agglomeration, the glue can be properly heated and melted and stirred evenly before use, without affecting its performance;

● The incompletely cured epoxy adhesive on the skin and clothes can be wiped clean with a cloth dipped in alcohol, and then washed with soapy water; if it enters the eyes accidentally, rinse with plenty of water, and then treat it immediately; if accidentally swallowed, prohibit vomiting, give Drink plenty of egg whites or milk and seek medical attention immediately.

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