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3ply Dust Disposable Face Mask

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3ply dust disposable face mask

Products Description

Product Name3ply dust disposable face mask
FabricNonwoven Fabric
FillingMeltblown Nonwoven Fabric
Layer3 Layer
Product Size17 x 9.5 x 0.2 CM
Product structureMainly consists of isolation mask, filter film, mask belt and nose clip
Product modelNon sterile grade, ear hook type, 1 7x9cm
Product performanceThe appearance of the isolation mask is neat,the shape is intact, and the surface shall be free of damage and pollution; the
material is the whole material, which shall not be spliced or glued; the four sides of the isolation mask shall be pressed flat
and compact without leakage; the nose clip is made of plastic material, and the length of the nose clip shall not be less than
8.0cm. The breaking strength at the connection point between each mask belt。
Scope of uselinstitutions or public health and other places
ContraindicationsUse with caution if you are allergic to propane nonwovens
Lead Time3 Days

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Packaging & Delivery


Question 1: I'm very interested in your product, but now I want to put our trademark on the product or package, OK? 

A1: of course! In fact, we provide OEM services to some of the world's largest dental companies. We are a professional manufacturer. You can provide your logo and requirements, we have a professional design team to serve you. 

Question 2: how can I get the sample? 

A2: we can provide you with free samples of our existing products. The delivery time is about 1-2 days. 

Question 3: what is your MOQ?

 A3: usually MOQ is needed here, but only if we have stock or are in production, you can make a trial order. We will try our best to support you. 

Question 4: what is the production delivery time of your order?

 A4: our normal delivery time is 15-20 days. If you have an urgent request, please let us know. 

Question 5: how can I pay you?

 A5: we can receive your payment by wire transfer, PayPal, Western Union, etc.

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