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5ply Filtration Earloop Face Mask Dust

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Product Details

5ply Filtration earloop face mask dust

Product description

Filter effect:≥95%
Package40 Pieces/box

Personal protective Mask/ respiratory

Administration Production License

[Range of Application]: Applied to Provide Personal Protection Against Airborne Respiratory Infectious Diseases 

[Structure and Composition]: This Product Consists of a Mask Body (Made of Non-Woven Fabrics and Polypropylene Melt-blown Fabrics), a Nose Clip and Elastic Cords.

[Product Performance]: Details in the Product Technical Requirements

[Efficiency Rating]: N95, Filter Out At Least 95% of Both Solid and Liquid (Non-Oil) Particles

[Wearing Suitability]: Suitable For Respiratory Protection Against Particles, Such As Minerals, Fumes, Cotton Dust, Flour Dust etc., As Well As Liquid or Non-Oil Particles that Don’t Produce Harmful Volatile Gas.

[Duration]: When the Mask is Damaged or Stained, Or When The Respiratory Resistance Sharply Increases, Leave the Polluted Area and Replace the Mask. You Are Suggested to Use the Mask for No More Than 4 Hours. 

[Instructions]: Please Follow the Instructions Below Before Using

1. Open the Package and Hold the Mask in Hands. Put the Fingertip on the Nose Clip and Have the Elastic Cords Hung Naturally. 

2. With the Nose Clip Facing Upwards, Have the Mask Attached to the Chin. Then Adjust the Upper Cords Behind Your Ears and The Lower Cords around Your Neck.

3. Pinch the Metal Strip or Stiff Edge of the Mask Sideways from the Middle with the Index Finger of Both Hands So It Takes the Shape of Your Nose Bridge. Make Sure the Mask Fits Your Face-Shape. 

4. When Removing the Mask, Avoid Touching the Front of the Mask (The Front of the Mask is Contaminated). Remove the Ear Ties First and Throw the Mask into the Medical Waste Container. 


Transportation mode of meltblown fabric


Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: We are A manufacturer located in Quanzhou, Fujian province.Welcome to visit our factory.

Q: Can you offer customized services?

A:Yes, it can be customized and OEM.

Q: When is your delivery time?

A:20 to 30 days, depending on the quantity ordered.If you are looking for a product, we will give you specific information about the delivery time.If you need an urgent order, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Q:What is the MOQ?
A:The minimum order quantity for disposable masks is usually 5000 pieces.

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