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Disposable Face Mask

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Disposable face mask

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Brand: Neweco
Color:Light blue
Layers:3 Layers
Earloop length:16CM x 2Pcs
Nose clip:Plastic
Nose clip size:10CM
Assemble tech:Ultra-sonic
Material:Non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric
Shelf life:2 years with dry and cool environment

Three-layer / two-layer flat design material: the inner and outer layers use odorless imported composite fiber non-woven fabric, with a layer added in the middle for high ventilation efficiency and no odor.

Filter cloth nose bridge: environmentally friendly, safe and degradable plastic strips, which make the mask and the face more intimate. During wearing, the side is seamless.

Earband: It can produce earhook style and head-hang style, using nylon round belt or high elastic PU earband. Advantages: The product is lint-free after touch, no variegated fibers, and the breathing space is three-dimensional after the mask is unfolded. The cover is not deformed.

Applicable: Disposable masks are suitable for high-tech electronic product industries such as electronic chip production factories, laboratories, clean rooms and other environments. One

Production by secondary mask manufacturers: automatic mask machine production, production in a purified environment. Therefore, in the standard of medical protective masks, a special detection method is used to test the liquid barrier performance of such products, and the protective masks used in general industrial environments do not need to have such special requirements, and naturally there is no such in the detection standard. Such regulations. In addition, medical protective masks are not allowed to have an exhalation valve. This is because when the medical protective mask is allowed to be used as a surgical mask, if a mask with an exhalation valve is worn, the microorganisms carried in the exhalation will be directly discharged out of the mask, posing a threat to the patients undergoing surgery. Many industrial protective masks have an exhalation valve design. The exhalation valve is a one-way valve. When the user inhales, the inside of the mask is negative pressure, the valve is closed, and air enters the breathing zone from the filter material; When breathing, the positive pressure is inside the mask, the exhalation valve is opened, and the exhalation is directly discharged.

The microfiber material of the disposable mask "outer blue and inner white": the outer blue layer has water-repellent properties, with a lotus leaf effect; the inner white layer is water-absorbing and more "friendly" to the skin. Therefore, we must remember "outside the blue and inside the white", otherwise it is counterproductive and instead sucks the droplets. This design is actually a practical need for medical workers, because the blue surface is not the white surface, and it is not easy to cause dazzling reflections under high-light conditions such as shadowless lights, reducing eye fatigue for medical staff. It is also dyed in its entirety with an antistatic agent, so we can pass it in the test.


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