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Earloop Disposable Face Masks

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Earloop disposable face masks

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Soft and non-irritating , High filtration and easy to breath









7-15 days

Terms of payment

L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal, Escrow


Stored in dry,humidity below 80%, ventilated,  non-corrosive gases warehouse


1.This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide


1.Material or other specifications can be according to customers' requirements.

2.Customized Logo/brand printed.

3.Customized packaging available.

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About product

Disposable masks are made of environmentally friendly all-plastic nose bridges, and the design of the nose bridge can be adjusted comfortably according to different face shapes. The inner ultrasonic spot welding is selected, and the ear straps are very firm and not easy to fall. Disposable masks can be used in electronics manufacturing, clean workshops, catering services, food processing, schools, riding locomotives, spray processing, stamping hardware, electroplating, chemical, steel, electric welding, health centers, hand-processing industries, hospitals Various uses in factories, environmental cleanliness, public places, etc.

How to use: Hook the elastic ears on both ears, match the full nose type, and gently press the fixing piece to fix it, so that the mask fits the face. Spunbond non-woven fabrics and melt-blown non-woven fabrics are both types of non-woven fabrics, which are formed by different processing techniques. The main materials of spunbond nonwoven fabric are polyester and polypropylene, and the fabric is formed by spunbond method. The main material of melt-blown cloth is polypropylene, and the cloth formed by the melt-blown method has good filtering and shielding properties.

Lug-type disposable masks also need to be tested for the filtering effect of various masks. The key to its effect is that the performance of the filter material is almost the same as the 95% filtration rate of a single layer of a standardized disposable mask.

There are sponge strips inside, the elastic band design is more in line with the mechanical requirements, the sealing performance is good, there are many kinds of gas masks, usually divided into two categories according to their structure and working principle: air filter masks and air supply masks. Air filter masks, disposable protective masks irradiated with ultraviolet light, fumigated in a domestic steamer for 3 minutes and then dried. Among the above methods, ultraviolet radiation has been shown to have little effect on the protective ability of masks, but the researchers also reminded that disinfection methods should be considered only when the mask is urgent and the epidemic prevention materials are extremely scarce. There are also many types of dust masks. But their principles are the same: they all use composite filter materials. The general filter materials are: activated carbon fiber activated carbon particles. Jin Xiangyu's team is engaged in series development of medical and health protective materials based on local scientific research. The belt vapor permeation does not contain any metal, so when choosing a dust mask, the dust resistance rate of these masks should be quite high. This kind of mask must be used to prevent dust from entering our respiratory system. Temporary protection is provided when the gas is sudden. Dust masks are classified protective filter materials, deflector materials, and functional medical dressings.



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