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Neweco Disposable Face Mask

Product Details

Neweco disposable face mask 

Product Description
Name:Neweco disposable face mask
Material:meltblown fabric
Color: white/blue
 Function:Anti - bubble, dust, wind, warm, decoration
Features:Breathable and comfortable
Size:Adult 34 * 15cm (adjustable size)
Net weight:16 and 20 g /
Application:Restaurants, factories, food processing
Applicable to:Adults
Minimum order quantity:100


1. Prevent dust, droplets and wind

2. meltblown mask, more breathable and comfortable

3. No deformation, no fluff, no fading

Disposable Medical Surgical 3 Ply Non Woven Face Mas

With a 95% dust barrier, you don't have to worry about your respiratory health

Unlike other polyester masks, cotton masks use layers to build a defense system, which can be used multiple times to prevent dust and air, killing two birds with one stone.

Disposable surgical medical face mask.webp

3D scientific cutting, hide meat to show thin, care about dust, more care about your beauty

How can ability show a face more thin? Fit the facial contour, add stereo clipping, face fat face wide, is no longer a problem, seconds smaller V face! 3D scientific cutting, hide meat to show thin, care about dust, more care about your beauty

Comfortable Anti-viruses Nonwoven Face Mask

Free breathing, very breathable really long wear not stuffy

Three-dimensional space design gives mouth, nose part enough breathing space, elastic material, breathable not stuffy, let you free to breathe!

product features

Adjustable tight and loose ear strap, comfortable

Continuous optimization of details, adjustable tight and loose ear belt, comfortable fit to face, no pressure mark on ear, reduce your sense of pressure, even if you wear it all day without earache!


Sea transport

Sea transportation:lowcost, transportation

time is about 30-45 days

 Railway transport

CHINA RAILWAY Express:Cost is relatively high,

the transportation time is about 15 days


Express cost is high, it is used when the demand

for goods is urgent, transportation time 3-4 days

Air transport

Air transportation cost is high



1.What is the minimum quantity of an order?

A minimum order of 100 pieces

2. Can I mix and distribute different products

Of course! No problem. It can be mixed

3. Could you lower the price if I order a large quantity?

Yes, the more the quantity, the lower the price. We can quote you the quantity you want

4. If I change my mind, can I add or remove items from the order?

Yes, but you need to tell us as soon as possible. If your order has been completed on our production line, we will not be able to execute it.

When will you ship my order?

Usually 3-10 days after receipt of payment, but can be negotiated according to order quantity and production plan.

7. How to ensure the quality of production?

We have 10 years' experience in the QC team, and have a strict quality control system in the production process. We inspect every finished product 4 times before delivery, and also accept third-party inspection.

8. Can we produce according to the sample?

A: yes, we can produce according to your sample or technical drawing.

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