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Filament Winding Resin For Lining Layer 9385


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Filament Winding Resin - Filament Winding Resin For Lining Layer 9385


● Continuous filament winding process:

Filament windings continuously over a cylindrical steel band,the process of winding process is resin are impregnated in a bath, fiber winding, drop sand and curing by the steel band which is carried on a forward moving mandrel.


● Features & Application Area:

9385 resin is a type of orthophthalic resin,high strength, higher elongation at break,excellent heat resistance and water proof, suitable for lining layer of FRP pipe and tank.Widely used for continuous filament winding process, such as storage tank, chemical tank, underground pipe,etc.


● Performance Index of Resin:

Performance ParameterUnitStandard test    
AppearanceTransparent yellowish viscous liquid - -
Acid value    20-29    mgKOH/gGB/T 2895-2008     
Viscosity25℃    0.45-0.80    Pa.sGB/T 7193-2008    
Solid content    59-67    %GB/T 7193-2008    
Stability,80℃≥24    hGB/T 7193-2008    
Gel time 9-18minGB/T 7193-2008    

 T-8M:0.9g , M-50:0.9g ,50g resin , test at 25 ° C 


● Resin Casting Properties: 

Executive Standard: JC/T1092-2008

PerformanceParameterUnitStandard test
AppearanceResin casting body without defects
Barcol Hardness40GB/T 3854-2005
Heat Distortion Temperature75GB/T  1634-2004
Elongation at Break3.3%GB/T  2567-2008
Tensile Strength75MpaGB/T  2567-2008
Tensile Modulus3500MpaGB/T  2567-2008
Flexural Strength120MpaGB/T  2567-2008
Flexural Modulus3700MpaGB/T  2567-2008


● Remark:

1.It is recommended curing system:

Cobalt promoter (1%Co) 0.4%-2.0%, MEKR curing agent 1.0%-2.5%.

2.9385 suitable for lining layer of FRP pipe and tank, It is recommended to chose Neweco orthophthalic resin WD896 and isophthalic resin 9406S which are the food grade resin if you have food grade requitment.

3.It is recommended Neweco VER-2 if you have anti-corrosion requitment.


● Notice:

1.The above index of resin is accordance with GB/T8237-2005 and JC/T1092-2008 stander, base on Neweco professional technical research and users experiences.Neweco reserve the right to modify its main parameters.

2.If related to heat resistance and anti-corrosion requiment of filament winding pipe and storage tank, please chose lining layer resin in accordance with Neweco <query tables for heat and chemical resistant media>

3.Unsaturated polyester resin is class 3 flammable, transfer and storage must comply with the relevant provisions of the State,prohibited exposure and rain.

4.UPR is unstable,store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.Keep away from fire and heat sources.The temperature should not exceed 30℃.The packaging requires a seal and must not come into contact with air.


● Usage:

-9385 3

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