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FRP Iso Resin 9494

FRP Iso Resin 9494
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Filament winding resin - FRP Iso Resin 9494


● Properties:

9494 unsaturated polyester resin is a type of isophthalic resin , mainly composed of phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride and standard diol. It is dissolved in cross-linking of styrene and has medium viscosity and higher reactivity.


● Features and Application:

9494 resin good strength,good toughness,product have lower sensitivity at break so that it have high fatigue life.Especially applicable to water contact product,particularly in sea water product.It have good water resistance and CI resistance.The mainly forming process are winding,pultrusion,casting grid,hand lay-up,etc.Suitable for FRP product which are used to transport seawater pipe,seawater purification and mariculture.





Gel Time


Tensile Strength


Tensile Modulus


Elongation at Break


Flexural Strength


Flexural Modulus


Heat Deflection Temperature

Barcol Hardness
9494 Isophthalic tpye0.35-0.859-207034003.512837007842


● Performance of FRP Seawater Resistance:


Remark:FRP seawater immersion 360 days at room temperature, the retention rate ≥60%


 ● Instruction:

1.9494 resin without wax, promoter and thixotropic agent.

2.It is recommended curing system:

Cobalt promoter (1%Co) 0.4%-2.0%, MEKR curing agent 1.0%-2.5%.

4.9494 resin is suitable for the lining layer and structural layer of pipe with seawater resistance,It is recommended Neweco 9406S which is the type of isophthalic food grade resin if have high heat resistance or require foodstuff certificate.


● Package:

The packing net weight is 220KG with metal barrel.


● Product Cases:

2345_image_file_copy_8FRP Iso Resin


FRP Iso Resin


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