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FRP Polyester Resin 9365

FRP Polyester Resin 9365

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Filament Winding Resin - FRP Polyester Resin 9365


● Performance: 




Gel Time


Tensile Strength


Tensile Modulus


Elongation at Break


Flexural Strength


Flexural Modulus


Heat Deflection Temperature

Barcol Hardness
9365Orthophthalic resin0.35-0.659-206535003.011035007842


● Features and Application:

9365 resin is Orthophthalic type,high mechanical strength,good heat resistance and water proof.Suitalbe for winding,spray,hand layer up and others process.Use to pipe,storage tank,anchor stock,door,window,cable bridge,grid,automobile part,FRP boat and others FRP products.

9365 resin is authenticated by china classification society (CCS), accord with DNV and Lloyd’s damand. 


 ● Instruction:

1.9365 resin without wax, promoter and thixotropic agent.

2.It is recommended the following curing system:

Cobalt promoter (1%Co) 0.4-2.0%, MEKR curing agent 1.0-2.5%.

3.It is recommended curing system of pultrusion process:

BPO curing agent 0.5-2.0%

TBPB curing agent 0.5-1.5%

 it is necessary to be chosen according to equitment,product,curing proceesing temperture,pultrusion speed and others factor.In order to reduce shrinkage for thick pultrusion,it is recommended add anti shrinking agent,such as Neweco 9262,and add for immediate use.

3.It is recommended chose Neweco VER-2 which is the type of   bisphenol A - epoxy vinyl ester resin,if you require corrosion resistance.

4.9365 resin suitable for structural layer of winding pipe,RPMP and tank.It is recommended Neweco 9406S for lining layer or require food grade certificate.


● Package:

The packing net weight is 220KG with metal barrel.


● Product Cases:

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2345_image_file_copy_9 (2)2345_image_file_copy_13 (2)

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