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flame retardant fiberglass resin

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Flame retardant fiberglass resin

Features and Application of Flame retardant fiberglass resin

Executive Standard of Flame retardant fiberglass resin: GB/T8237-2005



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




Epoxy vinyl ester-Add type



Good anti-corrosion, high mechanical property, halogen-free, lower smoke density.Apply to winding process.

Suitable for flame retarding product required anti-corrosion.Such as FRP chimney,cooling tower


Fiberglass function:

1. Strengthen the rigidity and hardness. The increase of glass fiber can improve the strength and rigidity of plastics, but the toughness of the same plastics will decline.Example: bending modulus;

2. Improve heat resistance and thermal deformation temperature;Take nylon as an example, the thermal deformation temperature of the nylon increased by glass fiber can be at least more than two times, and the temperature resistance of the general glass fiber reinforced nylon can reach more than 220 degrees

3. Improve dimensional stability and reduce shrinkage;

4. Reduce warping deformation;

5. Reduce creep;

6. The candle wick effect will interfere with the flame retardant system and affect the flame retardant effect.

7. Reduce the gloss of the surface;

8. Increase moisture absorption;

9. Fiberglass treatment: the length of fiberglass directly affects the brittleness of the material.If the glass fiber is not well treated, the short fiber will reduce the impact strength, while the long fiber will improve the impact strength.In order to prevent material brittleness from decreasing greatly, glass fiber of a certain length should be selected.

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