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Clear Gel Coat Resin 5134T

Clear Gel Coat Resin 5134T
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Clear gel coat resin

Features and Application of Clear gel coat resin

Executive Standard of Clear gel coat resin: Q/320411 BES002-2014



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




Orthophthalic resin



Good strength and tenacity, suitable for surface decoration and protection with hand layer up process.

surface decoration and protection products



Gel coat resin divided into color and color gel coat.In te production process, the vast majority of cases need to use color gel coat.Before adding the right amount of color gel is in grey suits paste (also known as pigment paste) by adjusting color, just so modulate color glue in large assembled products such as cooling tower or large quantities of products such as the stadium seen on the seat of some of the products of the production process such as often result in color difference, the serious influence to the beauty of products.Therefore, it is one of the development trends of this industry to improve the appearance quality of products and produce color gel coat without color difference for customers.

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