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Gel Goat Spay

Gel Goat Spay

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Resin coating for stone

Features and Application of resin coating for stone

Executive Standard of resin coating for stone: Q/320411 BES002-2014



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




Orthophthalic resin



Good strength and tenacity, suitable for surface decoration and protection with spray process.

surface decoration and protection products

Product description:

Colloidal resin does not contain wax, accelerant, thixotropic additive.

Before the use of molds, the molds should be processed in a standard way to meet the construction requirements of the rubber coat.

Spraying process: select the appropriate special spray gun for rubber coat;Air source should be dry and clean.No pollution such as oil pollution;The pressure of air source is suitable and stable to meet the construction requirements of rubber coat.

Recommended for color paste: MEKP, special curing agent for gel coat,1.5-2.5%;Special promoter for rubber coat, 0.5-2% confirmed by field test when applied.

Recommended curing system :MEKP, special curing agent for glue coating, 1.5-2.5%;Special adhesive coating agent, 0.5-2%.Field test confirmation during application.

Recommended dosage: wet film thickness 0.4-0.6mm, dosage 500-800g/ m2.The rubber coat is too thin and easy to wrinkle or expose the bottom, too thick and easy to hang, crack or sand hole: uneven thickness and easy to wrinkle or local discoloration.

Glue coat glue to use non-stick hand, that is, the next step (upper reinforcement layer) production.Too early too late, easy to produce wrinkles, fiber exposure, local decolorization or delamination, from contact, cracking, cracking and other defects.

It is recommended to select NEWECO resorcine-neoprene type 2202 gel coat resin for higher weather resistance or heat resistance requirements.


● Resin Casting Properties

PerformanceParameterUnitStandard test
AppearanceResin casting body without defects

Barcol hardness40
GB/T 3854-2005
Heat distortion temperature60GB/T 1634-2004
Elongation at break2.5
%GB/T 2567-2008
Tensile Strength55MpaGB/T 2567-2008
Tensile modulus of elasticity


MpaGB/T 2567-2008
flexural  strength105MPaGB/T 2567-2008
flexural  modulus3000MPaGB/T 2567-2008

Executive Standard: Q/320411 BES002-2014


Resin coating is a special formulation with the following characteristics:

• completely sealed surface with excellent stain and etching effects.

• a completely sanitary surface with no bacteria or odor.

• fill cracks, voids, and faults.

• cover the joint to make its surface seamless.

• the appearance of the coating can be the same as the natural "polished" stone, or it can achieve different levels of gloss, equivalent to a higher polished stone.

• a practical, trouble-free working surface does not look artificial.

• increase the range of materials available to architects, designers and consumers


We firmly believe that the natural stone on the resin complex is the only solution to stone problems.This gives customers a long-term solution without compromising the appearance of stone and the freedom to enjoy natural stone products. 

As the product of nature, natural stone means each stone has its own unique characteristics, which is composed of different composite materials and has different performance, making the stone has uniform surface with high performance.

The resin coating creates a barrier across the entire surface, like a thin layer of transparent liquid glass, filling in for imperfections, leaving a smooth surface and preventing any material/chemical from reaching the natural stone surface.

Apply on a layer of stone surface to form a completely sealed impermeable surface coating, retaining and enhancing the texture of stone.

Fill voids, cracks, veins and open pores, covering the stone's joints to form seamless, smooth, bacteria-free surfaces that are highly resistant to corrosion and staining.

From matte finish to complete high gloss, make your marble surfaces easy to clean and maintain.Fire resistance meets 1530 surface standard.

Completely waterproof, high chemical resistance/stain resistant, suitable for marble, limestone, travertine, agate and other porous stone surfaces.

● Product Cases:


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