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Isophthalic resin



 Good toughness and infiltration of glass fiber,suitable for proect surfaces and adornments

With good water resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and other properties, but also with high mechanical strength, toughness and good resilience.

It is suitable for the surface decoration layer and protective layer of all kinds of common glass fiber reinforced plastic products.


Gel-coat resin is a m-phenyl unsaturated aggregate resin with m-phthalic acid, maleic anhydride and standard diol as the main raw materials.

  1. Gel coat resin contains no wax and accelerant, thixotropic additive.

  2. Before use, the molds should be processed in a standard way to meet the construction requirements of the rubber coat.

  3. Color paste recommendation: special reactive color paste for adhesive coating, 3-5%.The compatibility and hiding power of color paste should be confirmed by field test.

  4. Recommended curing system: MEKP, special curing agent for rubber coat, 1.5-2.5%;Special promoter for rubber coat, 0.5-2%.Field test confirmation during application.

  5. Recommended amount of gel coat: too thick easy to hang, crack or sand hole: uneven thickness easy to wrinkle or local discoloration.

  6. Gelcoat gel to the non-stick hand, that is, the next step (upper reinforcement layer) manufacturing.Too early too late, easy to produce wrinkle, fiber exposure, local discoloration or delamination, from touch, crack, crack and other defects.

  7. It is recommended to select NEWECO m-phenylenediol type 1102 gel coat resin or 2202 gel coat resin for higher weather resistance or heat resistance requirements.