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Spray coating resin

Features and Application of spray coating resin

Executive Standard of spray coating resin: Q/320411 BES002-2014



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




Iso-NPG type resin



Good water and heat resisting, wearproof, good strength and tenacity, suitable for tooling surface decoration and protection.

surface decoration and protection products


Coating resin construction process:

1. Base polishing - resin mortar repair and primer coat - curing - electric grinding;

2. Cleaning - resin repair - first layer paint spraying - curing - electric polishing;

3. Cleaning - resin repair - second layer paint spraying - curing - electric polishing;

4. Cleaning - resin repair - third layer paint spraying - curing - electric polishing;

5. Cleaning -- resin repair -- fourth layer paint spraying (the last surface paint is generally not polished) -- curing.


Product description:

  1. Gel coated resins contain thixotropic additives but do not contain accelerants or waxes.

  2. In order to meet the requirements of rubber coating construction, the mold should be standardized before use.

  3. Color paste suggestion: color paste compatibility is good, covering force needs to be confirmed by field test.Special reactive color paste for gelcoat, 3-5%.

  4. Recommended curing system: special auxiliaries for adhesive coating, 0.5-2%.MEKP, special curing agent for rubber coating, 1.5-2.5%, confirmed by field test during use.

  5. Recommended dosage: no less than 2 coats are recommended.The total thickness of the wet film shall not be less than 0.6mm, and the dosage shall be 700-100g/m squared.Gel layer is too thin not easy to wrinkle or expose the bottom, too thick to hang, crack or sand hole, thickness is easy to wrinkle or local discoloration.

  6. Glue coat glue to use non-stick hand, that is, the next step (upper reinforcement layer) production.Too early too late, easy to produce wrinkles, fiber exposure, local decolorization or delamination, from contact, cracking, cracking and other defects.

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