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Resin used for FRP

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General Purpose Resin--Resin used for FRP

Features of Resin used for FRP: 

Application of Resin used for FRP:

Executive Standard of Resin used for FRP: GB/T8237-2005



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




Orthop-DCPD resin



High strength,good heat and water resisting
suitable for common twine product


Raw material for wrapping resin

The raw materials of winding formation are mainly fiber reinforced materials, resin and filler.

(1) reinforcement materials used for winding formation of reinforcement materials are mainly various kinds of fiber yarn: such as alkali-free glass fiber yarn, medium alkali glass fiber yarn, carbon fiber yarn, high-strength glass fiber yarn, aramid fiber yarn and surface felt, etc.

(2) resin matrix resin matrix refers to the colloidal liquid system composed of resin and curing agent.The heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and natural aging resistance of the winding products mainly depend on the properties of the resin.The commonly used resin for winding molding is mainly unsaturated polyester resin. The day and the day of unsaturated polyester resin expert click to see winding special resin ds-659 used in the fiberglass pipe project of Shanghai pudong airport water supply and drainage and sometimes used epoxy resin and bimaleimide resin.For general civil products such as tubes, tanks, and so on, the use of unsaturated polyester resin.Epoxy resin can be used for winding products which require high compression strength and interlaminar shear strength for mechanical properties.The products of aerospace and aviation use bimaleimide resin with high fracture toughness and good moisture resistance.

(3) there are many kinds of fillers, and some functions of the resin matrix can be improved after addition, such as extraction

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