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Resin Product Introduction Series-lighting Tile Resin 175

Resin Product Introduction Series-lighting Tile Resin 175

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FRP daylighting tile products have the characteristics of high strength, high light transmittance, corrosion resistance, etc., and are high-quality green building materials. With environmental protection building materials and energy-saving building materials, they are being recognized by users. FRP lighting tile products are widely used in many lighting fields such as industrial plants, warehouses, greenhouses, stations, docks, airports, sports buildings, commercial buildings, steel structures and so on.

FRP daylighting tiles are used for daylighting construction in large shopping malls. They have unique light transmittance and are used for building structures. The daylighting effect is remarkable, and they have excellent corrosion resistance and atmospheric aging resistance, which can simplify the design and simplify installation and replacement. , Low carbon and environmental protection, you can choose the color of the lighting board according to your needs; FRP lighting tiles are used on the top of the greenhouse, which can provide sufficient light for the greenhouse, provide excellent growth conditions for many high-end flowers, and ensure that the plants grow vigorously and have beautiful colors. Many flower production greenhouses in the Netherlands use this kind of sunlight board as a cover, and high-quality flowers can be grown all year round. FRP lighting tiles are used in animal breeding industries such as cattle sheds, pig sheds and chicken coops. Because the construction of the lighting tile structure makes the environmental temperature more reasonable, it can promote the growth and development of animals and improve economic efficiency.


The glass fiber reinforced plastic lighting tile has a significant improvement in the lighting effect of the building. Even the simplest internal and external flat-type lighting tiles can effectively increase the illuminance at an indoor distance of 4-9 meters from the window and improve the lighting uniformity of the entire room. The effect is especially obvious in the early morning and evening when the outdoor natural light is low, and when the sun altitude is high in summer. Compared with ordinary buildings, the indoor lighting effect of buildings with lighting panels is better, and the utilization of natural light is higher.

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