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Advantages of FRP Feed Tower

Jun 15, 2018

Advantages of FRP Feed Tower 



The Dutch type material tower is used for the upper and lower tower bodies to abandon the disadvantages of the traditional material tower because of the integration of the reasons for its waterproof and windproof features



FRP feed towers can block external sunlight from feeding strong light to the feed, allowing the livestock to eat fresh feed, and the surface of the imported plastic shell has a good anti-ultraviolet effect, the feed is always in a constant temperature inside, and the stainless steel feed tower Large temperature difference between day and night will produce water droplets.



FRP feed tower glass material has the strongest plastic, high temperature, heat, corrosion resistance has a long life



FRP feed towers help realize automated feeding lines. The strong automation of FRP feed towers can save users a lot of manpower and material resources.

Fifth, the inner wall of the FRP feed tower has been polished and there is no residue left in the discharge.

VI. The appearance design of FRP feed tower is beautiful;

Seven; FRP feed tower full fiberglass shell feed tower, light weight, non-toxic, non-polluting, feed does not deteriorate, work smooth, smooth, low noise, closed feed, FRP feed tower installation is simple.

Eight; with the automated feed line, easy to achieve aquaculture, this era is more important than the expansion of the aquaculture is to achieve automation