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Advantages of FRP sewage cover

Oct 13, 2019

Advantages of composite FRP sewage pool cover plate:

FRP sewage cover

1. The raw materials are made of glass fiber yarn (high toughness, strong impact resistance) and resin (high corrosion resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance). It has the corrosion resistance that traditional metal cover plate and wood do not have. Can be used for a long time in a variety of harsh and corrosive environments. And according to the specific use environment, choose the appropriate raw materials for production (different types of resins, different acid and alkali resistance).
2. In addition to acid and alkali resistance, the FRP cover plate also has enough strength and bearing capacity. On the premise of the same size, the bearing capacity of the FRP cover plate is second only to the metal cover plate, and the quality is only about 1% of the metal, which is very convenient for cutting, handling and installation.
3. The cost is low and the economic benefit is high.

FRP sewage cover2