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Analysis of application fields of epoxy resin coatings

Jun 03, 2020

At present, domestic and foreign epoxy resins and their modified epoxy resins have the same coating varieties and application fields. Their main application fields are petrochemicals, food processing, steel, machinery, transportation, power electronics, marine engineering, underground facilities The epoxy resin coating is widely used in the marine industry. Shandong Deyuan Epoxy Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of epoxy resin and epoxy curing agent. Contact Deyuan: 0538-3461848.

  1. Anti-corrosion coatings Various anti-corrosion coatings are prepared based on the specific requirements of anti-corrosion coatings. It is applied to the corrosion prevention of steel surfaces, drinking water systems, motor equipment, oil tankers, ballast tanks, aluminum and aluminum alloy surfaces, and special media to obtain excellent results.

  2. Marine coatings The harsh environment such as wetness, salt fog, strong ultraviolet rays and slightly alkaline seawater attack on the sea is a severe test for the coating film. The epoxy resin coating has strong adhesion, excellent rust resistance and water resistance, good mechanical strength and chemical resistance, and plays an important role in ship protection. Epoxy resin coatings are used in parts such as ship hulls, water lines and decks, and exhibit the characteristics of wear resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and "wet state" strong adhesion.

  3. Electrical insulation coating The coating film formed by epoxy coating has the advantages of large resistance coefficient, high dielectric strength, small dielectric loss and good "three protection". It is widely used in the fields of coils, windings and various insulating fiber materials, various combinations of accessory surfaces, bonding insulating materials, naked wires, casting materials, and insulation protection of electronic components and other components that invade motors and electrical equipment.

  4. Inner wall coatings for food cans Use the corrosion resistance and adhesiveness of epoxy resin coatings to make inner wall coatings for food cans resistant to (anti)acid, sulfur and other media. Epoxy-methyl methacrylate-acrylic acid made water-soluble inner coating for beverage filling, used for inner wall protection of beer and beverage bottles, epoxy-phenolic coating used for inner wall protection of food cans, and has good acid resistance (sulfur) effect. China is a big country in the food industry, and the prospects for coatings for food and beverage packaging are promising.

5. Waterborne coatings Waterborne electrophoretic coatings formulated with epoxy resins have unique properties. The coating film has excellent corrosion resistance, color retention and certain decoration. Electrophoretic coatings are used in the automotive industry, medical devices, electrical appliances, and light industrial products.

Two-component water-based epoxy resin coating is used for bonding between new and old concrete, which can effectively prevent mechanical damage and chemical hazards; the use of two-component water-based epoxy resin coating to protect nuclear reactor equipment and facilities, easy to go out of radioactive pollution; Two-component waterborne epoxy resin floor coatings, etc. are all non-polluting coating varieties.

6. Special epoxy resin coating Special epoxy resin coating is mainly used for underground storage and irrigation anti-corrosion, waterproof and anti-leakage, high temperature environment and spacecraft ablation and heat insulation, indicating the temperature of equipment or instruments, flame retardant and fire prevention, high temperature anti-corrosion, conductive , Nuclear radiation resistance, food irrigation protection, encapsulation of electronic components, rail lubrication and protection of magnetic materials.

7. Powder coatings Epoxy powder coatings are used in the fields of household appliances industry, instrumentation industry, motor industry, light industry, petrochemical corrosion protection, construction hardware, electrical insulation, shipbuilding industry and auto parts.