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Analysis of service life of ion exchange resin

Jun 04, 2020

     The service life of the ion exchange resin is determined by the repeated regeneration of the resin. The resin is frequently regenerated. Each time the resin is scrubbed with each other, then there will be mechanical wear between the resins over time. . This makes the effluent yellowish brown, and the regeneration effect is not ideal.


     The currently-used domestic superior cation softening resin is sodium-type cation exchange resin. The service life of the softened water resin provided by the manufacturer is 5-8 years in industry (theoretical value). In actual operation, the main reasons for the resin affected by the raw water are: The water pipeline is generally a carbon steel pipeline. The oxidation reaction between the water and the pipeline generates iron ions. After entering the resin, the functional exchange group of the resin decreases with the extension of the running time, which is manifested in high salt consumption and poor quality of regenerated water; Resin repeated regeneration: Due to the long-term and frequent regeneration of the resin, each time the resin is scrubbed, the water pressure and the mechanical wear between the resins, the cross-linking value (mechanical strength) of the resin gradually decreases, and the skeleton deforms. During operation, the effluent is sometimes yellowish brown, the water production cycle is significantly shortened, and the regeneration effect is not ideal.

     Due to the needs of actual work, the standard work flow of demineralized water equipment mainly includes: work (sometimes called product water, the same below), backwashing, salt absorption (regeneration), slow flushing (replacement), and quick flushing. All the processes of different demineralized water equipment are very close, but there may be some additional processes due to different actual processes or control needs. Any demineralized water equipment based on sodium ion exchange is developed on the basis of these five processes (among them, fully automatic demineralized water equipment will increase the brine reinjection process).

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