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Analysis of the application field of special petroleum resin for paint and ink

Jun 05, 2020

    Petroleum resins for paint and ink have water resistance, melting resistance and drying resistance. Adding petroleum resin to the ink can play the role of color development, quick drying, brightening, and improve printing performance. Therefore, various printing inks can be produced.

Characteristics: light color, odorless, granular, softening point: 90--140, good fluidity, etc.

     No.    Application area   Purpose (function)

    1      Rubber   Viscosity increase, reinforcement, cut resistance, tensile resistance, wear resistance, increase toughness, increase hardness

    2      Paint making   Enhance gloss, improve adhesion, increase hardness, drying speed, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance

    3      Ink   Control viscosity, increase gloss, hardness, pigment connectivity, increase solvent release speed

    4      Paint   Increase gloss, improve adhesion, drying speed, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, electricity resistance

    5      Other fields   Road marking paint, paper sizing agent, concrete additive, plastic modifier, etc.