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Analysis of the properties of FRP pultrusion profiles

Feb 26, 2019

FRP pultruded profile products include FRP round tube, FRP square tube, FRP channel steel, FRP I-beam, FRP rectangular tube, FRP rectangular tube, FRP flat steel, FRP round bar, FRP plum tube, FRP support beam, FRP various Products, FRP grating, FRP guardrail, FRP cage, ladder, FRP railing, FRP fence, FRP cable bracket, FRP cable tray, FRP sign post, FRP signboard, FRP tank, FRP gas box, FRP SMC molded parts, etc. Etc., various model sizes, factory direct sales, professional production.

FRP pultruded profile product performance:

-Good resistance to chemical and environmental media corrosion

-High strength, light weight, impact resistance

-Insulation and permeability

-Aging resistant, long life, maintenance free

-Fire retardant, insulation and heat insulation

- Easy to install and cut, quickly

-Designable and beautiful