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Anchoring agent for Liding railway spike

May 16, 2020

The construction of sulfur anchoring agent is fast and efficient, which is well known to everyone, but it is limited due to environmental issues.

What about cement-based anchoring agents? The mechanical strength meets the requirements for use, but in some cases, the insulation is insufficient.

What is the epoxy road stud anchoring agent, can it meet the market application? Yes.

Anchoring agent for Liding railway spike

What is epoxy dowel anchor?

It is a polymer material used for anchoring railroad spikes. Shijiazhuang Liding Company has a certain flowability by mixing epoxy resin, curing agent and additives, and aggregates. It bonds the spikes through chemical reaction With the sleeper surface, so as to achieve the strength of use.

The epoxy road stud anchoring agent is A / B / C three-component material. The three materials are fully mixed before use. They can be mixed by machine or manually. After mixing, they can be used for construction. Passing time, temperature, and materials It will gradually solidify from flowing glue to solid state, with adhesive strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, and Shore hardness of 70-80. After the strength is increased, it can be put into normal use.