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Application advantages of BMC composite materials in the manufacture of audio cabinets

Mar 18, 2019

Application advantages of BMC composite materials in the manufacture of audio cabinets
The sound probably includes a power amplifier, a weekly device (including a limiter, an effector, an equalizer, a VCD, a DVD, etc.), a speaker (speaker, a speaker) mixer, a microphone, a display device, and the like. Among them, the speaker is a sound output device, a speaker, a subwoofer, and the like. The main function of the speaker is to eliminate the acoustic short circuit, improve the sound pressure and uniformity of the bass, and improve the sound characteristics of the low frequency band of the speaker, but its intervention will also bring some negative effects, such as strengthening the formant, medium and high frequency reflection and diffraction, etc. Lead to bass sounding and high-pitched sounding. Try to eliminate the negative effects and play the role of improving the bass. The speaker manufacturing materials also have a relatively large impact on the quality of the speakers. BMC composite material is different from traditional wood board, cast aluminum, plastic speaker material, which belongs to resin matrix composite material is a new type of speaker material. BMC composites are new thermoset materials developed in the early 1970s. The United States calls it a bulk molding compound (BMC), the United Kingdom and Europe are called a bulk molding compound (DMC), and Japan is called a premix (PMC). BMC composite material is a high-activity unsaturated polyester resin or its modified resin as a matrix, and is added with a pre-mixed mixture of low-shrinkage resin, chopped glass fiber, inorganic filler and modifier, release agent, pigment, etc. Molding compound. BMC composites have excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially high flexural strength and compressive strength; small creep and dimensional stability; good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, and stable mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. , dimensional stability, electrical properties and flame retardancy, can be used at -60 ~ 150 °C for a long time, and the product has low water absorption, small shrinkage, high dimensional accuracy, good rigidity, and its material properties are suitable for the requirements of the speaker: rigid The characteristics of low resonance value. The BMC composite material can be freely colored, and the design freedom of the box is large, and it can be hot-pressed at one time, and the production efficiency is high. However, the initial investment in mold costs is relatively high and requires a certain amount of support. BMC composites still have advantages in processing large-volume, high-quality speaker cabinet products.

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