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Application field of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable

Mar 26, 2019

Application field of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable

The FRP cable tube is used in conjunction with each special accessory and can be constructed according to different engineering requirements;
Multi-layer multi-column cable pipe system suitable for the following high-demand locations:

1. City power and communication cables are used for maintenance when laying underground.
2. The cable is used as a maintenance pipe when it is directly buried in the passing lane or when it is laid over the traffic crossing.
3. When the cable crosses the bridge and crosses the river, it is used as a maintenance pipe. Especially when the cable crosses the bridge, the composite fiberglass cable is used.
Maintenance pipes can be used in general for the following project establishment categories:
1. Urban power grid establishment and innovation projects.
2. Urban municipal innovation project.
3. The establishment of civil aviation airport project.
4. Industrial parks, community projects were established.
5. The establishment of the traffic road and bridge project:
(1) Features
1 High strength, used for direct burial under the driving lane, no need to add the suspect soil maintenance layer, can accelerate the construction progress.
2 good toughness, can withstand the damage caused by external pressure and root settlement.
3 Electrical insulation, flame retardant, heat-resistant function, can be used at 130 °C for a long time without deformation.
4 corrosion resistance, long service life, corrosion resistance of various corrosive media such as acid, alkali, salt and organic solvents, its service life can reach 50 years.
5 The inner wall is lubricated and does not scratch the cable. The rubber sealing ring socket connector facilitates the connection of the device and conforms to the thermal expansion and contraction.
6 The small specific gravity and light weight can be lifted by one person. The two can implement the device, which can greatly shorten the construction period, reduce the cost of the device, prevent the excavation of the road, and affect the urban traffic order.
7 no electricity erosion, non-magnetic. Unlike magnetic materials such as steel pipes, after the eddy current occurs, the cable is caused to be damaged by fever.
8 Wide use limit: FRP cable maintenance pipe is used for maintenance pipe when it is buried, and it is also used in high-demand places such as cable crossing bridges and crossing rivers. The multi-column multi-column multi-catheter tube method can be constructed by using a matching professional tube pillow combination.

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