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Application of additive flame retardant resin in rail transit

Nov 09, 2018


1. Application of added flame retardant resin in rail transit

Composite material is a new material with excellent comprehensive performance, which is made of matrix material (polymer material, metal, ceramics) and reinforcement (fiber, whisker, particle). It is one of the most rapidly developing new materials in this century.

China's rail transit construction has entered a booming period, which provides a promising new space for the composite material industry.The components made of composite materials are low weight, high strength and high rigidness, which play an important role in reducing the weight of carriage, reducing noise and vibration, improving safety, comfort and reducing maintenance.In addition to being used as internal facilities and decorative materials of rail transit, its application in load-bearing structure is more and more extensive.



The composite materials used in modern railway vehicles can be classified into:

①Rigid and semi-rigid unsaturated polyester resin FRP;

②Phenolic resin FRP;

③The reactive flame retardant unsaturated polyester resin FRP with high strength;

④The additive flame retardant unsaturated polyester resin FRP with slightly lower strength;

⑤Carbon Fiber Material

In terms of passenger trains, flame retardant, smoke toxicity, strength, cost and other aspects are taken into consideration. The additive flame retardant unsaturated polyester resin (hereinafter referred to as the additive flame retardant resin) has high application value.



The additive flame retardant resin

Application in passenger trains at the present stage:

• interior wall panels and roof

• assembled FRP toilet

• integrated FRP toilet

• seat or seat frame

• FRP air conditioning duct

• roof diversion hood

• various parts of the car with complex shapes, such as the interior wall board and side roof of three-dimensional curved shape, the cover board of various special shapes, decorative pieces, etc

• the complex structure and large load bearing GFRP integral streamline head, front opening and closing mechanism module, roof aerodynamic flow hood, etc



2. Requirements for the additive flame retardant resin for rail transit

At present, domestic requirements for the additive flame retardant resin are generally based on the following four standards:

Technical conditions of flame retardant materials for locomotive and rolling TB/T 3138-2006

Flame retardant technical conditions of inner materials used in rail motor coach TB/T 3237-2010

limit of inside materials and indoor air hazardous substances for rolling stock TB/T 3139-2006

Fire protection measures in rail vehicles DIN5510-2


Part 2: combustion characteristics and combustion boundary effect of raw materials and accessories;Classification, requirements and test procedures


In addition, some more demanding occasions will be required to meet the standards of American standard UL94, NFPA130:2014 and British standard BS6853


3.The additive flame retardant resin for NEWECO rail transit

The resin used in the manned rail transit by Neweco technology group is the additive flame retardant resin 4965AT.

4965AT resin has low smoke, low toxicity, high flame retardant and flame extinguishing property, meeting the requirements of railway industry standards TB/ T3138-2006, TB/ T3237-2010, TB/T31 39-2006 and German standard DIN5510-2. At the same time, it has good operating performance and mechanical performance.It is widely used in all kinds of FRP products with flame retardant performance requirements, especially recommended for high flame retardant, low smoke and low poison parts, such as the interior trim of passenger cars, trains, subways, light rail trains, as well as construction.




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