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Application of corrosion resistant FRP

Feb 22, 2019

At present, the main application methods of China's corrosion-resistant FRP are lining, reinforcement (enhanced hard PVC plastic, pain and glass, etc.) and the overall structure. Currently widely used FRP linings, due to manual operation, simple construction, and can save raw materials, can replace more lining rubber, most of enamel, lead-lined and lining plates or diabase plates under less severe conditions device of. In anti-corrosion applications, the overall full-structure FRP is the future development direction, which can reflect the characteristics of lightweight, high strength and good integrity of FRP, and can save a lot of steel and alloy steel. The reinforcement is actually a composite structure of materials such as FRP and plastic. It is lining with plastic, glass or ceramics. The outside is reinforced with FRP, which not only reflects the excellent impermeability, corrosion resistance, processing convenience and low price of plastic. Features, but also make full use of the advantages of lightweight and high strength of FRP. At present, foreign development is relatively fast, and there are applications in China.

FRP also plays a large role in the treatment of various corrosive gases and liquids.

In recent years, the overall equipment of FRP has been developed from a single, simple equipment to a complex structure and large-scale matching. For example, the air pollution control system includes various specifications of FRP equipment, such as packing scrubbers, filters, mist eliminators, Sewage tanks, aggregates and feed tanks, ejector, exhaust stacks, blowers and circulation pumps.