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Application of flame retardant unsaturated resin

Nov 01, 2018



1.Application of flame retardant unsaturated resin


1)Flame retardant of materials has two meanings

1. In case of fire, the heat insulation of the protective layer of the material reduces the temperature rise of the material, so as to prevent the material from burning.Such as fireproof paint, aerospace ablative materials and so on

2. The flame retardant purpose of materials can be achieved by self-extinguishing or delaying combustion rate and reducing heat release.The main polymer flame retardant materials, flame retardant unsaturated resin also falls into this category.


2)Classification of flame retardant unsaturated resins




3)Mechanism of flame retardant

①Halogen flame retardant mechanism:

Mainly for inhibiting effect (capturing free radicals), high polymer combustion is mainly a free radical chain reaction. Halogen flame retardants such as bromine and chlorine can capture the active intermediates of combustion reaction, such as HO•, H•, O•, and HOO•, etc., to inhibit free radical chain reaction and reduce combustion speed until flame is extinguished

②ATH flame retardant mechanism:


1. Heat absorption: dehydration and heat absorption, inhibiting the temperature rise of the polymer

2. Dilution: ATH is filled to reduce the concentration of combustible polymer. Water vapor released by ATH dewatering dilutes the concentration of combustible gas and oxygen to prevent combustion

3. Covering effect: after dehydration of ATH, Al2O3 protective film is produced on the surface of combustible to isolate oxygen and prevent continuous combustion

4. Carbonation: the flame retardant produces a strong dehydrating substance under the combustion condition, which produces combustible volatiles from the high polymer carbonation and prevents the flame from spreading


4)Application field

Building: flame retardant daylighting tile, decorative board, moulded door panel, window frame, etc

Reference standard: GB8624-2012 classification of combustion performance of building materials and products

Shipbuilding: lifeboat, boat interior, etc

Reference standards: USCG certification of us coast guard, CCS certification of China classification society, MSC/ Cire.1006, etc

Transportation: rail transit, cars, seats, floors, ceilings, interior trim, structural parts, etc

Reference standard: GB8410-2006 combustion characteristics of automobile interior materials

TB/T 3138-2006 fire retardant materials technical conditions German standard DIN5510-2 rail vehicles fire measures, etc

Other fields: electrical insulation, chemical equipment, etc


flame retardant daylighting tile


Flame retardant daylighting tile

Performance requirements: good light transmittance, high flame retardant

Technology: plate continuous molding

Reactive flame retardant resin is recommended. According to different flame retardant requirements, 4803-1 (grade B1 of building materials) and 4803-2 (grade B2 of building materials) can be selected.






flame retardant daylighting tile (2)


 Flame retardant resin - 副本



Hull structure

Includes hull and load-bearing structures such as lifeboats

Performance requirements: good strength and water resistance

Technology: hand paste, injection, vacuum introduction

Reactive flame retardant resin is recommended

4803A (certified by China classification society CCS)








Floor, ceiling, seats, etc

Performance requirements: low smoke, low toxicity

Craft: hand paste, mould pressing, pull pressing etc

Add flame retardant resin 4965AT,4952AT are recommended





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Automobile manufacturing

Vehicle housing, seats, interior, etc

Performance requirements: low smoke, low toxicity, certain strength

Technology: hand paste (main), molding, extrusion, and so on

It is recommended to select the added resin 4965AT,4952AT,802 series



Rail traffic

It mainly refers to the aspect of manned trains, including body structure, seats, interior decoration, etc

Performance requirements: low smoke, low toxicity, certain strength

Technology: hand paste, molding, RTM, etc

Additional resin is recommended

4965AT (DIN5510: S4 / SR2 / ST2)

4952AT(DIN5510: S4 / SR2 / ST2)

802 series (TB/T3138)




Domestic rail transit flame retardant material requirements are generally based on the following four standards:

Technical conditions of flame retardant materials for locomotive and vehicles TB/T 3138-2006

Technical conditions for flame retardant of interior materials used in emu (TB/T 3237-2010)

TB/T 3139-2006 limit of inside materials and indoor air hazardous substances for rolling stock

Fire precautions in din 5510-2 rail vehicles - part 2: combustion characteristics and combustion boundary effects of raw materials and components;Classification, requirements and test procedures

The foreign requirements of flame retardant materials for rail transit are BS6853,NFPA130:2014,UL94, etc





Glass reinforced plastic chimney

Performance requirements: anti-corrosion, heat resistance, flame retardant

Technology: winding

Vinyl reactive flame retardant resin 4607 is recommended









Pultrusion products

Transformer stay, electrical insulation, line trough, etc

Due to the characteristics of its molding process, the glass fiber content is high, and can be added filler, products generally have a certain degree of flame retardant






In addition, the moulded products can achieve higher flame retardant performance through the SMC/BMC formula design due to the process characteristics, which is also an important application of flame retardant through the process aspect


2. Main flame retardant unsaturated resins of NEWECO


Model No.TypeFeatures and application
4803AReaction typeGFRP oxygen index up to 31, China classification society (CCS) certification, applies to ship manufacturing
4803-1Reaction typeGFRP oxygen index up to 30, can reach building materials industry B1 class, applicable to flame retardant daylighting tile
4803-2Reaction typeGFRP oxygen index up to 28, may reach building materials industry B2 class, applicable to flame retardant daylighting tile
4607Reaction typeFlame retardant vinyl resin with 3%SB2O3 powder and FRP oxygen index over 38
4965ATAdded typeGFRP oxygen index up to 37, in compliance with DIN5510:S4/SR2/ST2 requirements, applicable to rail transit
4952ATAdded typeGFRP oxygen index up to 36, up to DIN5510:S4/SR2/ST2 requirements, suitable for rail transit
DC802 seriesAdded typeThe GFRP oxygen index reaches 36, which meets the requirement of TB/T3138 standard of ministry of railways and is applicable to rail transit
4983APTReaction and Added typeHigh flame retardant, low smoke, pre - promotion, GFRP oxygen index up to 36


3.Development direction

The development of new flame retardant technology is mainly environmentally friendly green flame retardant technology. The development direction includes the following:

1. Development of halogen free or halogen free/phosphorus free flame retardant system

2. Green chemical production process and technology of flame retardant materials

3. Use and post-treatment of flame retardant materials

4. Establish a scientific flame retardant comprehensive evaluation system

In the new era, flame retardant materials will face new opportunities and challenges, but the role of flame retardant materials as functional materials will only strengthen and not weaken





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