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Application of marble glue

Feb 18, 2019

Application of marble glue
Marble glue  has been recognized by the majority of stone users and the construction industry. It is suitable for bonding between various types of stone or repairing cracks and breaks on the surface of stone. It is often used for repairing and bonding various types of stone paving works and various types of stone. Positioning and caulking.
Marble stone has excellent performance, mainly in hardness, toughness, rapid curing, polishing, weathering and corrosion resistance.
General marble adhesives are not very good in water resistance and durability, and shrink when cured. Therefore, building construction specifications stipulate that marble adhesives are generally not used as structural adhesives, and are often used for rapid positioning or stone repair.
It should be especially noted that marble glue should never be used for large-area pasting.


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