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​Application of SMC/BMC material in fuse insulation parts

Mar 13, 2019

Application of SMC/BMC material in fuse insulation parts

The fuse consists of a melt, a weld seat and a bracket. The role of the bracket is to fix the melt and make the three parts rigid. It is easy to install and use. It must have good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and resistance. Flammability, there should be no breakage, deformation, combustion and short circuit during use; and the fuse also has arc extinguishing device, because the circuit protected by this type of fuse not only has a large operating current, but also when the melt is blown The voltage at both ends is also very high, and the melt tends to melt (fuse) or even vaporize, but the current is not cut off. The reason is that between the two electrodes of the fuse under the action of voltage and current at the moment of melting. Pulling the arc phenomenon. This arc extinguishing device must have strong insulation and good arc resistance. SMC/BMC materials have good mechanical and electrical strength, and their flame retardancy and arc resistance are unmatched by other materials. Ideal for the processing of fuse insulation parts

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