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Application of Winding process for Composite Materials

Aug 30, 2019

The main applications of the winding molding process of conforming materials are as follows:
1. Fiberglass storage tanks.

Fiberglass storage tanks

Storage and transportation of chemical corrosive liquids, such as alkali, salt, acid, etc., the use of steel tanks is very easy to decay and leakage, the service life is very short. The cost of using stainless steel is higher, and the effect is not as good as that of composite materials. The use of filament wound underground oil fiberglass storage tank can prevent oil leakage and protect water source. The double-wall composite FRP storage tanks and FRP pipes made by filament winding process have been widely used in gas stations.

2.. Fiberglass pipe.

Fiberglass pipe

Filament wound pipe products are easy to realize efficient industrial production because of their high strength, good integrity, excellent comprehensive performance and easy to realize efficient industrial production. Because of its low operating cost, it is widely used in refinery pipelines, petrochemical anticorrosive pipelines, water pipelines, natural gas pipelines and solid particles (such as fly ash and minerals) pipelines.
3.Fiberglass pressure products.

Fiberglass pressure products

The filament winding process can be used to manufacture FRP pressure vessels (including spherical vessels) and FRP pressure piping products under pressure (internal pressure, external pressure or both).
Fiberglass pressure vessels are mostly used in military industry, such as solid rocket motor shell, liquid rocket engine shell, fiberglass pressure vessel, deep water external pressure shell and so on. Fiberglass wound pressure pipe can be filled with liquid and gas, under the action of certain pressure, no leakage, no damage, such as seawater desalination reverse osmosis tube and rocket launcher and so on. With the excellent characteristics of advanced composite materials, many kinds of rocket engine shells and fuel tanks prepared by filament winding process have been successfully applied, which has become the main direction of engine development now and even in the future. They range from attitude-adjusting engine shells as small as a few centimeters in diameter to large transport rocket shells up to 3 meters in diameter.

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