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Artificial stone production process specification

Mar 22, 2019

Artificial stone production process specification:

The materials used for artificial stone are: 1, unsaturated resin; 2, powder (calcium powder or aluminum powder); 3, curing agent for unsaturated resin (methyl ethyl ketone) and accelerator (cobalt water).

    Main process: batching--stirring--vacuum--gel--curing forming--release--sanding--inspection--inbound

    Process: Put the resin into the stirring tank, stir the agent for 2 minutes, then put the corresponding additive color paste. After stirring for 5 minutes, put the powder and curing agent in a vacuum and evenly stir for about 20 minutes. Stir well. The slurry is solidified into the prepared glass plate (previously sprinkled on the glass, Samsung wax or ordinary floor wax can also be called release agent). After 20 minutes, the product is solidified. At this time, the hardness of the plate is 70. % If not post-cure (that is, put in a space between 50 and 80 degrees constant temperature for 3 hours)
Up to 6 hours) It takes 7 days to fully reach 100% hardness, and the profile does not need to be post-cured. The target plate needs to be produced in advance in the warehouse to wait for sale, so it must be post-cured to prevent deformation.

    The color appearance of the product is mainly based on the accurate addition of the color paste. Before the color paste is weighed, it is best to use styrene diluted to a 1% concentration of a thin paste to be sealed. This can increase the accuracy by a hundred times than directly weighing the color paste. The most reasonable order of stirring is: resin + accelerator stirring + color paste stirring + filler stirring + curing agent stirring.

    During the molding process, sanded sheets should be protected from sunlight (ultraviolet rays). For plates of the same color, the amount of curing agent and accelerator should be the same. The mixing time after adding the curing agent should be the same, and the vacuuming time should be the same.

    Stir several dozen pieces of material in a large mixing tank at a time. Before each discharge, stir a few turns and then discharge. The reason is that in an hour or so, there is a slight imbalance in weight (precipitation) between the loading and unloading in the large mixing tank. Because it is possible that there are more powders and granules in the mixture under the large agitating tank, and the mixture of the upper part has more color paste and resin.

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