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Attention to the proportion of Marble glue

Feb 18, 2019

Attention to the proportion of Marble glue


1. The comprehensive performance is best when the ratio of glue and curing agent is between 100:2-4.It's not a curing agent


The larger the ratio, the better, if more than this ratio, will cause mica gel solidification too fast, thus


There is no bond strength, loose curing, curing yellow, opaque, resulting in waste.


2. The ratio is between 100:2-4. The more curing agents, the faster the curing speed is.


3. Please have a small test in use to master the amount of addition according to the time you need


After that, the batch production operation is carried out to achieve the best use effect.


4. In the range of 100:10, the amount of curing agent has little influence on the hardness of the solidified substance.


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