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Basic classification of epoxy resin

Jul 01, 2018

Basic classification of epoxy resin

Classification criteria

The classification of epoxy resin is not yet unified. Generally, it is classified according to strength, heat resistance grade and characteristics. There are 16 main types of epoxy resin, including general rubber, structural adhesive, high temperature resistant adhesive, low temperature resistant glue, water and wet surface. Glue, conductive adhesive, optical adhesive, spot welding adhesive, epoxy resin film, styrofoam, strain rubber, soft material bonding adhesive, sealant, special glue, latent curing adhesive, civil engineering adhesive 16 kinds.

Several classifications

There are several ways to classify epoxy resin adhesives in the industry:

1. According to its main components, it is divided into pure epoxy resin adhesive and modified epoxy resin adhesive;

2. According to its professional use, it is divided into mechanical epoxy resin adhesive, construction epoxy resin adhesive, electronic epoxy resin adhesive, repair epoxy resin adhesive, transportation glue, marine glue. Wait;

3. According to its construction conditions, it is divided into room temperature curing type glue, low temperature curing type glue and other curing type glue;

4. According to its packaging form, it can be divided into single-component adhesive, two-component adhesive and multi-component adhesive;

There are other sub-methods, such as solvent-free glues, solvent-based glues, and water-based glues. However, it is applied more in component classification.