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Brief introduction of ion exchange resin

Jun 04, 2020

    Ion exchange resin is a polymer compound, so what is the ion exchange system? The following is a brief introduction for everyone.

    The ion exchange system is a traditional water treatment process that replaces various anions and cations in water through anion and cation exchange resins. The anion and cation exchange resins can be combined in different proportions to form an ion exchange positive bed system. System and ion exchange mixed bed system, and the mixed bed system is usually used after the reverse osmosis and other water treatment processes to produce ultra-pure water, high-purity water terminal process, he is currently used to prepare ultra-pure water, high-purity water is irreplaceable One of the means. The conductivity of the effluent can be less than 1uS/cm and the resistivity of the effluent can be more than 1MΩ.cm. According to different water quality and use requirements, the resistivity of the effluent can be controlled between 1~18MΩ.cm. It is widely used in the preparation of industrial ultra-pure water and high-purity water such as electronics, power ultra-pure water, chemical industry, electro-plating ultra-pure water, boiler make-up water and medical ultra-pure water.

    The main purpose of deionized water equipment

Cosmetics industry: pure water for skin care products, pure water for shampoo production, pure water for hair dye production, pure water for toothpaste production, and water for hand sanitizer production;

Electronic industry: aluminum foil cleaning; electronic tube spraying and dispensing liquid; phase display tube; glass bulb cleaning, precipitation, wetting, film washing, tube neck cleaning; LCD screen cleaning and dispensing: transistor and integrated circuit silicon wafer cleaning water, preparation water;

Battery industry: deionized water equipment for battery production, deionized water equipment for lithium battery production, and deionized water equipment for solar battery production;

Concrete admixture preparation of deionized water equipment; deionized water equipment for glass coating, deionized water equipment for glass products cleaning, deionized water equipment for lamp cleaning;

Textile printing and dyeing industry: printing and dyeing auxiliary preparation of deionized water equipment, wet wipes deionized water equipment, facial mask deionized water equipment; ultrasonic cleaning pure water equipment;

Painting industry: deionized water equipment for paint preparation, deionized water equipment for electroplating preparation and cleaning, deionized water equipment for electrophoretic paint preparation and cleaning;