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Brominated flame retardant vinyl ester resin applications & storage and use

Mar 11, 2019

Brominated flame retardant vinyl ester resin applications & storage and use

1 Application areas: FRP products, ships, storage tanks, pipelines, floors, flue gas desulfurization industry, chemical industry anti-corrosion, metallurgical industry, etc.
2 molding process: hand lay-up, continuous pultrusion, spray forming, filament winding, compression molding, resin transfer molding (RTM technology) and vacuum infusion

Storage and use
1 Shelf life: Under normal temperature conditions, 3 months from the date of shipment; the recommended storage temperature should be below 25 °C, and the shelf life of the product decreases with the increase of storage environment temperature. Avoid getting close to or exploding in a heat source environment, such as direct sunlight, steam pipes, etc.
2 When using, the accelerator should be added first. After mixing, add the curing agent. Curing agent avoids storage in metal containers

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