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Causes of failure of epoxy resin floor coating

Oct 05, 2019

  Epoxy resin floor is a kind of high strength, wear resistant, beautiful floor, with the overall no seams, solid texture, convenient maintenance, low maintenance costs and other advantages, so it is loved by users. However, the general service life of epoxy resin floor is 8-15 years, but many epoxy resin floor is often in 2-3 years, or even shorter time will appear the peeling failure of the coating.
Let's analyze the reasons for this kind of epoxy floor coating.
1. Epoxy resin floor. 

Epoxy resin floor

Protrusions and cracks in epoxy floor coating:
The local protuberance of epoxy resin floor coating is mainly characterized by different degrees of protuberance of diameter 2~5mm and 30~50mm.
The main reason is that the base is not dry enough, the gas is concentrated under the paint film, the film surface absorbs water and bulges, or the impurities are not cleaned when the paint film is cured. There are cracks in the coating, such as the shrinkage cracking of the coating film and the tensile cracking of the coating due to the cracks in the base layer.
2. Peeling failure of epoxy resin floor coating: 

Epoxy resin floor2

There are two main cases of large area peeling failure of epoxy resin floor coating:
The first is the failure of the interface between epoxy resin layer and concrete base, which is characterized by the shedding of epoxy coating, the normal nondestructive appearance of concrete base and the large area of concrete base, which is directly due to the lack of interfacial bonding force.
The second kind: the epoxy coating is closely combined with the mortar on the surface of the concrete base, the failure surface appears in the interior of the concrete base, and the failure surface is located in the mortar plane of the concrete base.
This form of failure generally appears in a large area, which is directly due to the lack of tensile strength of concrete. There are also peeling off of different coatings of epoxy resin floor coating.
The main reason is that the bonding force between different films is insufficient, generally occurs in the local, large area is not common.
3. Do you know the reason for the damage of epoxy resin floor coating? There are still a lot of details to be paid attention to in the construction process of epoxy resin floor.
Only by grasping every detail, can we lay out the high quality epoxy resin floor!