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China completed the first 3D printing in space to verify the experiment of 3D printing of composite materials in a microgravity environment

May 10, 2020

Researchers installed this "composite space 3D printing system" independently developed by China in the return cabin of the test ship. During the flight, the system independently completed the sample printing of continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials, and verified the scientific experimental goals of 3D printing of composite materials in a microgravity environment.

3D printing in space 1

It is understood that continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials are currently the main materials for spacecraft structures at home and abroad, with low density and high strength. Research on 3D printing technology of composite materials space is carried out. For the long-term operation of the space station in the future, the development of space super-large structure on-orbit manufacturing , Of great significance.

3D printing in space 2

Qi Junfeng, person in charge of the composite material space 3D printing system at the 529 Factory of the Fifth Academy of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group: The first goal is to support the long-term manned operation and maintenance of the space station in orbit. If we have the ability to build things in the space station, we can achieve on-demand manufacturing; the second goal is to support our space station expansion.