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China will become the world's epoxy resin production base

Jun 03, 2020

Among the coating resins, alkyd resin, epoxy resin and acrylic resin still occupy the top three positions. As an important raw material for coatings, the use rate of epoxy resins has been increasing in recent years, and all enterprises have been producing at full capacity to ensure market supply.

Due to the continuous increase in market demand, domestic epoxy resin companies have expanded or expanded their production. In recent years, foreign raw material companies have also revealed their willingness to invest in factories in China.

It is understood that in view of the increasing overcapacity of epoxy resin in the world, the United States Dow has announced that it will close the epoxy resin plant in KinaUra, Japan in October this year. Previously, Dow Chemical's M√ľnster and Stade plants in Germany and Norway expanded the liquid epoxy resin plant and completed the expansion in the fourth quarter of 2012. The expansion will increase the capacity of liquid epoxy resin 30,000 tons / year, Dow Chemical's global liquid epoxy resin production capacity will also increase by 10%. According to Dow Chemical's introduction, the expansion plan is mainly to meet the growing market demand, especially in Europe, the Middle East, China and India. The company currently also produces bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin in Stade, Germany.

Domestic epoxy resin companies are also seeking opportunities to increase production capacity, expansion, new construction and expansion of production has become the general direction of the industry. In April 2012, Sanmu Group started to put into operation a project in Jiangmen, with a production capacity of 70,000 tons/year, which has been put into production at the end of 2012. In September 2012, Baling Petrochemical's 50,000-ton special epoxy resin project broke through the entire production process and started full operation.

my country should become an important demand place for epoxy resin in the world, and domestic and foreign enterprises have stopped to invest in our country or expand epoxy resin projects has become the future development trend. Foreign companies have closed factories in some regions, expanded production in some regions, but have achieved growth in total production capacity. The global strategic layout will lay a good market foundation for foreign companies to occupy the global market. On the other hand, domestic enterprises have also set their sights on new areas in the process of investment expansion to facilitate future market supply and sales and shorten the supply chain.

It can be seen that the probability of China becoming a world epoxy resin base in the future is very high. The supply of its own market requires the joint efforts of domestic and foreign epoxy resin companies. Due to the wide range of epoxy resins, domestic and foreign companies can also Differential product competition to achieve a win-win situation.