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Classification and usage of gelcoat

Sep 02, 2019

At present, there are many gelcoat brands in the market, the main leading gelcoat brands are xinyang, AOC lianchi, paulin-lecode, nordisk.

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Product gelcoat is mainly divided into the following types:

Orthophthalic type: high finish, excellent process performance, color stable building, vehicle, cooling tower, feed barrel, etc

Isophthalic type: good weather resistance, water resistance, wind turbine cover, boat, vehicle, building, cooling tower, recreational facilities, etc

Iso-NPG type: with excellent comprehensive performance, it can be used for a long time under the environment of strong ultraviolet and high corrosion. It has passed the ship inspection, such as boats, sanitary ware, vehicles, wind power, sports equipment, construction and other high-grade products

Vinyl type: high hardness, high heat resistance, high toughness, good bonding with epoxy resin, good construction technology, boats, sports equipment, medical equipment

Flame retardant: excellent flame retardant and construction technology, halogen-free low smoke density buildings, vehicles and other flame retardant products

Air drying type: excellent air drying, leveling, no pinhole, anti-yellowing products repair products, glass steel surface direct spraying

Grinding type: easy to polish, less pinhole, and paint adhesion needs painting products

Mold gelcoat type

Vinyl type: high thermal deformation temperature, high fracture elongation and excellent processing performance of high requirements of the glass steel mold, commonly used in red, black, green

Polyester type: high finish, high hardness of ordinary glass steel mold, commonly used colors for red, black, green

What is the method of use of colored gelcoat?

1. Choose the appropriate type of gelcoat before use.

2. Prepare the mold completely and thoroughly. The surface of the mold determines the surface of the product.

3, before use, fully stir the barrel gelcoat, but the speed should be slow to avoid bubbles.

4, before the operation, the gelcoat and mold temperature is maintained at 16℃ -30℃, the ideal mold temperature should be 2℃ -3 ℃ higher than the gelcoat temperature. In this way, a more shiny gelcoat surface can be obtained after curing.

5. The relative humidity in the workshop should be lower than 80%, which will lead to the increase of curing temperature required. Also prevent water from accumulating on the surface of the mold.

6. Wax the surface of the mold fully, do not use the mold wax containing silicone. Water soluble wax must wait for the evaporation of water before coating gelcoat.

7, do not add solvent dilution, such as acetone. If low viscosity is required, a small amount of styrene (< 2%) can be added.

8. The dosage of curing agent (MEKP) is generally 1-2 %. If the amount of curing agent is too high or too low, the water resistance and weather resistance of the product will be reduced.

9. If color paste is added, ensure color uniformity and stability. Weigh exactly as recommended and stir with low shear equipment. You can also use colored gel coats.

Precautions before using gelcoat

1. The gelcoat shall be stored separately from MEKP with the temperature ≤25℃ and avoid direct sunlight.

2. Dust should be avoided in pre-treatment mold and gelcoat construction area. Gelcoat should be poured into a clean bucket.

Do not mix too much air when mixing curing agent or color paste.

Do not use high shear mixing equipment. Otherwise, the thixotropic index will drop, the separation/aggregation of color paste, flow of glue and bubbles will occur.

5. Do not directly brush the colored gelcoat on the mold.

6. Do not adjust the gelation time too fast, which is not conducive to the escape of bubbles.

7. The amount of curing agent to be added should be appropriate. The amount of curing agent can be checked by measuring the gelation time.

Do not use silicone wax, they will produce fish-eye.

9. Use MEKP with good quality, low water content and medium ros content. Low-quality curing agent will seriously affect the performance of gelcoat. (recommend noriang M50 shuo jin kp-9 plus ying M90, etc.)Do not add accelerant inside the colored gelcoat, so as not to affect the color.

11 the best performance of gelcoat can only be fully reflected when it is fully cured. Qualified customers should conduct post-curing treatment for the product.

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