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Common problems and solutions in the use of sanitary ware resin

Feb 20, 2019

Common problems and solutions in the use of sanitary ware resin

1. What about the production/finished products made by the resin?

Answer: the reasons for the emergence of the burning cylinder are as follows: 1. The acrylic plate is too thin, and the diamond horn after the shaping of the cleaning tool is thin, which cannot withstand the curing temperature of the resin, resulting in the softening and wrinkling of the plate, burning out; 2. The weather temperature is too high; 3.1, increase the thickness of the acrylic plate, or first in thinner water chestnut with a layer of resin thickening, have the effect of protective layer, the layer of resin after curing (is still in the state) sticky on the surface of glass fiber reinforced plastic again 2, reduce curing ratio, increase the filling material, can reduce the curing temperature of resin, can be divided into two times, reduce the ratio of 3, adjust the heating temperature curing.

2, how to do cleaning resin corrosion of the plate?

Answer: because resin corrodes to plank, because plank hardness is inferior or plank is thinner, the method that solves has: change hardness taller plank or thinner water chestnut bit to sweep go up a layer of colophony add thick, have the effect of protective layer.

3. What should I do if the products/finished products produced by the resin stick to my hand?

Answer: the production that clean provides colophony to produce/finished product sticky hand because of: 1, colophony solidifies incomplete 2, stone powder, fiber wait for auxiliary material to be affected with damp, the method that solves has;1, increase the resin curing ratio, especially in cold or wet weather when 2, the storage of auxiliary materials, to ensure that not with moisture or moisture, when the weather is more humid, it is best to dry the material.

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