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Craft resin manufacturing process

Feb 12, 2019

1, Preparation work

Prepare a rod (5 kg), seasoning bucket (or plastic pot), mix rice (or bamboo chopsticks), and a small spoon (plastic, aluminum, porcelain spoon);

2, The mix

According to the size of the mold and the quantity of the products, first weigh the unsaturated resin, pour it into the seasoning bucket, and then increase the proportion of the curing agent by (promoting agent), first participate in the unsaturated agent. In the resin, stir well, add the accelerator to mix, mix well, and then participate in the dilution, (same mixing) and then increase the material according to the desired color. (The amount of pigment can be added or subtracted according to the type. The degree of need to stop, usually the amount of pigment can be used.) When adding pigment, use the resin to open the mixture, mix it internally, then pour it into the barrel and then mix it thoroughly. After the bottom material is mixed, increase. It should be increased with the mixing and will stop until the required level. (The mixed slurry should be viscous to slowly flow with the spoon when it is fallen down)

3, The mold

The mold should be flat and the mold surface should be clean and clean so that it can be poured. When pouring, use a spoonful of simmering slurry to pour a spoonful of spoonful. If it is not poured, it should be poured from the highest point to make it flow naturally, so that the bubbles can be squeezed away. Otherwise, there will be stomata after the product. Note that when pouring into the mold, it should not overflow the periphery of the mold. After pouring out the outer periphery, it should be finished immediately and eradicated. Otherwise, it needs to be processed and polished after molding. After the slurry is poured into the mold, it can be condensed after 1-2 hours, and can be demolded after coagulation.

Resin technical product manufacturing method

A method for producing an unsaturated resin technical product, which comprises the following process:

(1) making a mold from silicone rubber according to the appearance of the resin technical product;

(2) Participate in appropriate fillers in the unsaturated resin and mix well;

(3) Before casting into the mold, the curing agent and the accelerator are added to the unsaturated resin, and the mixture is uniformly mixed and then poured into the mold.

(4) After the resin is cured and demolded, a technical product of a desired shape can be obtained. It can be used to cast various kinds of simulation technology products at normal temperature, and its solid shape is agile, the details are vivid, and the technology is simple.

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