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Definition characteristics and Development Prospect of FRP Grid Plate

Oct 09, 2019

Advantages of FRP grille:

FRP grille

Light weight: its specific gravity is about 1.8, its weight is only 1 / 4 of steel, 2 / 3 of aluminum.
High strength: its strength is ten times that of rigid PVC, and its absolute strength is much higher than that of aluminum, reaching the level of ordinary steel.
Corrosion resistance: it does not rust, mildew, does not rot, does not need paint, can withstand a lot of gas, liquid medium corrosion.
Fatigue resistance: the FRP grille has some flexibility, which makes people who have been working on it feel comfortable for a long time. As a working platform, it reduces the tension in the legs and back of the staff, increases the comfort of the work, and thus improves the work efficiency. Recommended by ergonomists.
Good comprehensive economic benefits: compared with ordinary carbon steel, the comprehensive cost of FRP grille is lower. Although its one-time investment is higher than that of ordinary carbon steel, because of its long service life, it can generally be used for 20 years without maintenance. Therefore, its comprehensive economic benefit is much better than that of carbon steel.
Easy installation: the use of FRP grille greatly reduces the weight of the component, thus reducing the weight of the supporting structure, the installation does not need to use lifting equipment, both economical and convenient.
Safety: during the installation and use of FRP grille will not produce electric sparks due to collision, especially suitable for use in flammable and explosive environments, in addition, the grille with anti-skid surface layer can prevent slipping and reduce accidents.

FRP grille2