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Dow resin application

Jun 04, 2020

1. Condensate polishing industrial water treatment (softened water and high-purity water preparation) nuclear power plant water treatment;

2. Preparation of sweetener in ultrapure water for ash removal, decolorization and chromatographic separation of other special separations and chemical reactions.

Because the resin binder in the binder is in a molten state under the action of temperature, it is easy to fill all parts of the mold cavity, so the hot pressing pressure is generally not high at 30~60MPa. It should be pointed out that since part of the molding pressure is consumed by the frictional resistance of the mold wall and part of it is consumed by the water vapor and volatiles overflowing from the molding material, the constant pressure molding method is difficult to ensure the appropriate pressure, so the abrasive cannot reach a fixed The density of the mold, so the production of fixed mold molding method is used, that is, the single weight of the molding material is fixed, the thickness of the grinding tool is controlled by the size of the mold itself, and the applied pressure is based on the pressure of the mold. Phenolic resin is generally 185±5℃; polyimide resin is 235±5℃. If the temperature is too high, the reaction speed is too fast, which may cause frustration in molding, poor adhesion of the matrix and the bonding agent, and sometimes even crack the abrasive tool. The temperature is too low, the pressing time is extended, and the production efficiency is low.