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Effect of molecular structure of unsaturated polyester on network performance

Mar 26, 2019

Effect of molecular structure of unsaturated polyester on network performance
The molecular structure between the unsaturated polyester cross-linking points has a direct impact on the thermal properties of the network. The unsaturated polyester molecular structural unit is composed of a group such as a double bond, an ester bond, an ether bond, a methylene support, and an aromatic ring. In general, the shorter the link between the double bonds, the higher the heat distortion temperature of the resin. The extension of the link between the two keys reduces the heat distortion temperature.

The higher the crosslink density of the resin, the more molecular chains that are subjected to the load, and the higher the bending strength. But sometimes it is actually not the case. This is because the resin network is extremely non-uniform and the uniformity decreases as the crosslink density increases. Therefore, under the action of external force, the force of each molecular chain is not uniform. Further, the high cross-linking density resin has a molecular tension and is difficult to move, and the amount of denaturation is small, and it is not bent under the action of an external force. It can be seen that the high cross-linking resin has poor uniformity and the molecular chain is difficult to relax for two reasons, which may cause their bending strength to be low.

A resin with high temperature use value, its ideal molecular structure should be introduced into a series of asymmetric aromatic heterocyclic structures in the main chain between the double bonds, with a small number of polar bonds.

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